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Health More was founded in 2014 with a single mission: to bring quality Australian and New Zealand-made products to overseas markets. Over the years, we have pioneered proven strategies in growing the sales of health, wellness, beauty and other unique FMCG products to international East Asia and South-East Asian businesses and consumers. 

Our expert team is experienced in guiding Australian and New Zealand brands and businesses with successfully building up and promoting their FMCG products to connect with targeted markets and consumers. We also help brand partners and businesses take care of navigating through multiple complicated layers of sales, marketing, distribution, logistical and regulatory frameworks to export Australian and New Zealand products to the world.

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Our Services

Health More’s unique business development model has a proven track record of successfully working with our Australian and New Zealand brand partners to manage and promote the sales of their products to targeted overseas consumers via three critical pillars:

Meeting Room Business
Warehouse Shelves

Branding & Positioning

Helping brand partners achieve maximum sales exposure via multi-tiered local and international sales channels including utilising online e-commerce platforms, retail stores, distributors and network marketing groups.


Tailoring marketing campaigns and promotional activities in support of overall brands strategy through multiple avenues such as popular social media platforms (WeChat, Weibo, etc.), established and up-and-coming retail platforms (Tmall, RED, JD, etc.), trade shows, conventions, events and workshops.


Managing and fulfilling end-to-end freight, clearance and delivery activities from Australia to overseas destinations.


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